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Toddler Class

2 to 3 years old

At BSM, our faculty is comprised of devoted, skilled, and compassionate educators. They cultivate an environment that nurtures each child's innate curiosity, fostering self-confidence and independence as they guide them on their path of growth and development.

Baby Playing with Building Blocks

Daily Schedule


  •  8:00 -- 8:30         Drop-off 

  •  8:30 -- 9:30         Story & Work cycle​​​

  •  9:30 --10:00        Snack time         

  • 10:00 – 10:15       Circle time

  • 10:15 -- 11:30      Outdoor activities​

  • 11:30 -- 12:30       Lunch ​​​


  • 12:30 -- 3:00         Nap time​



Extended care

  •  3:00 – 3:30         Snack time​​​

  •  3:30 – 4:30         Outdoor activities​

  •  4:30 – 5:00         Group activities (songs, games, songs, arts)​   

  • 5:00 -- 5:30         Free play (Get ready to go home)​

Candy Stripes

Toddlers are learning

Scoop of Ice Cream
2021-12-11 (22).png
Wooden Cars


Eat independently

Toilet Training



At our facility, we have thoughtfully designed a secure and nurturing haven where toddlers can begin their journey of exploration while developing essential life skills. Here, young ones are encouraged to roam freely, refining their balance, and engage in playful climbing, which nurtures their hand-eye coordination and cognitive abilities. We are dedicated to creating an environment where each child can flourish and grow. Our steadfast commitment is to offer a serene and enriching space during these formative early years


We dedicate meticulous attention to crafting learning materials that cater specifically to the distinctive physical needs of our young learners, ensuring a tailored educational experience,

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