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Parents play the very important roles in their children's development. We share useful parenting knowledge with the parents.

Bay Sky Montessori shares with parents practical skills that they can better guide their children at home. The child is building a Roma arch with the blocks.

                       She is a Montessori teacher and mom of Emma. She finished her AMI Primary Training and her Masters in Montessori Education. She created Home with Montessori so you can avoid going down the rabbit hole. Most of the things She will be posting on her website based on the Montessori philosophy. She will be sharing her experience and observations from Montessori classrooms and her home.

 Lucie Lord 


                     She is an early childhood educator with AMI Montessori teaching credentials for ages 0-6 and has extensive work with children and parents as a parenting coach and classroom teacher. After seeing a gap between parents and early childhood educators in the first years of life, Mariana founded a community program, PEACE (Parent Education and Child Empowerment) to connect with parents through life’s earliest and most critical stage of development.

 Mariana Bissonnette 


Books for Parents

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