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Qianyu Li grew up in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. Her first language is Mandarin Chinese, she also speaks fluent Cantonese. She studied Education as a major (BA).


As a HSK(Chinese Proficiency Test) certified Mandarin trainer, she has been teaching Mandarin as a second language for over ten years in her home country Macau. She liked to incorporate activities, culture and music to the language teaching and enjoyed the interaction with students. Qianyu Li also studied MBA in Marketing Strategy, which she has benefited from in terms of its creative approach to problem solving.

Qianyu Li took the Montessori AMI training 3 to 6 at the Montessori Institute of San Diego. Ever since then her perception about education has been transformed, and she continues to be amazed by the beauty and efficacy of this profound approach to child education. The training not only equipped her with many presentations, it has also given her a new perspective to see education as an essential support for life to blossom. It has helped her immensely to re-position herself as an assistant to the unfolding of a child’s life.


Qianyu Li is also an enthusiastic musician. She plays Guzheng (a traditional Chinese instrument) and guitar. For her, singing with children is just so beautiful and uplifting!

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