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Jason holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from New York Brookly College, City University of New York and a Master of Arts in Education from San Jose State University.


He has been teaching in the bay area for more than 12 years now, from TK to 11th grade, and mostly in public school, progressive (Waldorf) approach. With three California teaching credentials, his "American Teacher Dream" has come true as a bilingual, experiential educator.


He believes that only through the heart and the hand, will one reach their head, in learning and keeping what is beneficial to their lives, such as inquisition, conceptualization, or fulfillment of personal potential. He has manifested this notion in his "Teaching One School A Year" project since 2012, spanning from public, charter, private, to independent, and now helping to grow Bay Sky Montessori with like-minded partners. He finds it challenging yet rewarding to predict and co-create a common future for all. 

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