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Bay Sky Montessori
Chinese Immersion

A Joyful Place to Learn

Bay Sky Montessori Mandarin Immersion preschool


Welcome to Bay Sky Montessori! Our goal is to guide and support the development of our students with the Montessori teaching method in Mandarin. Each child has unlimited potential, like the bay sky above. We carefully prepare a peaceful environment to offer hands-on Montessori activities for children to learn and explore joyfully, under the guidance of our passion-filled teachers.

At Bay Sky Montessori, our mission is to give our children the important life skills, -- Grace & Courtesy, the essential independent thinking, problem-solving skills, collaboration, and creativity -- and to build a strength of character, in addition to a strong academic preparation. We help your child bridge their home life into the community.

Mandarin Environment
          中 文 环 境

Science & Art
自 然 和 艺 术

Montessori Education​       
    蒙 特 梭 利 教 育

Our Values




                      Responsible          Respectful          Persistent

                      有责任的              尊重别人的        坚持的      

                      Empathetic          Happy                  Independent

                      有同理心的         快乐的                 独立的


                      Honest                 Self-discipline     Kind

                      诚实的                 自律的                 友善的

Our core values are the inherent building blocks of our community and reflect our lasting commitment to Montessori education. These key elements help define our identity and purpose and reflect the joy we see in our students and staff. 


Our Program

Toddler Class
          18 months to 3 years old 

Primary Class
               2 1/2 to 6 years old 

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When you chose a preschool for your child, you may consider a lot of factors. We courage you to visit our school to get a feel for what your child may experience. 


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