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Bay Sky Montessori
Chinese Immersion

A Joyful Place to Learn



Welcome to Bay Sky Montessori! Our mission is to guide and nurture our students using the Montessori teaching method in Mandarin, recognizing that each child possesses boundless potential, akin to the vast sky above. We have meticulously crafted a serene environment, where children engage in hands-on Montessori activities, fostering joyful learning under the compassionate guidance of our dedicated educators.

Our commitment extends beyond academic excellence. We instill in our children crucial life skills such as Grace & Courtesy, fostering independent thinking, problem-solving abilities, collaboration, and creativity. Moreover, we emphasize character development and help bridge the gap between their home life and the broader community. What sets us apart is the harmonious and affirmative language environment that our teachers cultivate, respecting each child's unique cultural background and individual traits within the rich tapestry of Bay Area multicultural landscape. This approach allows us to provide tailored guidance and support, nurturing independence, and instilling in children the joy and confidence that comes from accomplishing activities on their own.

Mandarin Environment
          中 文 环 境

Science & Art
自 然 和 艺 术

Montessori Education​       
    蒙 特 梭 利 教 育

Our Values

We create a Chinese speaking environment that offers abundant opportunities for children to engage in collaborative play, fostering the development of their confidence, negotiation skills, and social abilities within a group setting. Through shared activities and interactive playtime, children learn the art of communication, compromise, and teamwork. These experiences empower them to express themselves effectively, navigate social dynamics, and build meaningful relationships with their peers. We believe that such interactions not only enrich their childhood experiences but also equip them with essential life skills that will serve them well throughout their journey of growth and learning.



                      Responsible          Respectful          Persistent

                      有责任的              尊重别人的        坚持的      

                      Empathetic          Happy                  Independent

                      有同理心的         快乐的                 独立的


                      Honest                 Self-discipline     Kind

                      诚实的                 自律的                 友善的

Our core values are the inherent building blocks of our community and reflect our lasting commitment to Montessori education. These key elements help define our identity and purpose and reflect the joy we see in our students and staff. 


Our Program

Toddler Class
                    2 to 3 years old 

Primary Class                     2 1/2 to 6 years old 

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Joyfulness      Creativity       Curiosity

In a Montessori classroom, practical life activities like washing pumpkin seeds provide valuable learning opportunities for children. While one child engages in the task at hand, another child learns the essential skill of observation. This act of quietly watching and taking in the activity happening before them is itself a form of learning. Through observation, children gain insights into the process, develop patience, and enhance their ability to focus and concentrate. It is a beautiful example of how Montessori education fosters not only hands-on skills but also encourages mindfulness and attentiveness in young learners.
A young child, holding a small broom with utmost care and concentration, is engaged in the Montessori practical life activity of sweeping fallen leaves from the ground. With each gentle stroke, she gathers the leaves into neat piles, taking in the real environment around her. This simple yet purposeful task teaches the child not only to care for their surroundings but also instills a profound sense of order. As she sweeps, her hands and mind work in harmony, enhancing her coordination and concentration. Through this activity, the child learns to appreciate the importance of maintaining a clean and organized environment while developing valuable life skills in the process. Montessori education, at its core, nurtures not just academic knowledge but also a deep connection to the world and a sense of responsibility towards it.
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When you chose a preschool for your child, you may consider a lot of factors. We courage you and your family to visit our school to get a feel for what your child may experience. 

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